Our Impact Report 2024

Pushing Forward
against the headwinds

As every step forward for gender equality is being met with stronger headwinds, we at Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) have been pulling together and pushing on with greater determination. And there is cause for hope: more than half of countries worldwide are moving in the right direction on gender equality.

By working together, we’ve designed a coalition model, a truly ‘global
to local’ collaboration in line with our feminist values, that will help us connect as data-driven advocates, spread the findings of our Index in our respective contexts, and unite our collective voice for gender equality in local, national, regional and global spaces. This model is already helping us to prepare for a high-impact and narrative-shifting launch of the next SDG Gender Index later in 2024.

Fighting for gender equality with data

EM2030’s evolution from partnership to coalition

The year ahead for EM2030

Strengthening our coalition model and collective effort

Having finalized our new coalition model in 2023, we will put this model into practice in 2024.

Launching the 2024 SDG Gender Index

We will launch our 2024 SDG Gender Index ahead of the UN-hosted Summit of the Future in September.

Developing our 2025–2030 strategy

The current EM2030 Strategic Plan runs until 2025. We are excited that our new coalition model will support a collaborative process to reflect on the past strategy period and prepare for the next strategy.

Advancing our collective voice in key global spaces

Our #GenderEqualFuture campaign will run throughout 2024 to make the case for renewed and intensified political will and funding to protect and advance progress on gender equality.

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